1st International School on Architectured Materials

The strategy to associate various materials classes and various architectures is well suited to a “Materials by Design” approach, where the material, in a general sense, is developed to meet a complex multifunctional set of requirements. This approach requires a close collaboration between materials sciences and mechanics, also with specialists of optimisation and design. Modelling, processing and characterisation are also necessary facets of this approach.
The meeting will last full six days, comprising basic courses on the different classes of materials, advanced courses on multiscale modelling, on interface mechanics, on functional properties, and a series of seminars on examples of multifunctional architectured materials, given both by academic and industrial researchers. A substantial amount of time will be devoted to student presentations, and some key actors of the field will be invited to interact in an informal manner with students.

Centre L'Escandille, Autrans (Isère)